Laser Spider Vein Treatment

Laser spider vein treatment is the best way to treat very thin or fine spider veins on your legs, face, or chest. A lot of other vein clinics lack the necessary expertise or equipment to perform this treatment, but I believe they are essential in treating very fine and small spider veins. Sclerotherapy can also be used to treat spider veins, but there are limitations in terms of technique, size of the veins, etc.

laser spider vein treatment

laser spider vein treatment

Laser spider vein treatment machines

Lasers and intense pulsed light devices selectively damage and permanently destroy spider veins with intense heat energy, and are used when sclerotherapy needle cannot be used.  Commonly used lasers are Diode, Nd:Yag, and Alexandrite lasers. At Bellagio Clinic, not only do we carry several of these machines, we actually teach a course in medical lasers. Our doctor is a certified laser professor having taught hundreds of students over the years, as well as other doctors. We use Cynosure Apogee Elite lasers with both Nd:Yag and Alexandrite lasers, and Diomed Diode lasers.

What to expect during laser spider vein treatment

There are some guidelines to follow before and after laser spider vein treatments. First, the patient has to avoid sun exposure, indoor tanning booth, or tanning lotions for about one week before and after the treatment. Sun or tanning lotions can interfere with laser treatments and appropriate healing. Second, the patient should apply aquaphore or vaseline over the treated areas for a couple of days. Lasers work by delivering laser energy through the epidermis of the skin to target the spider veins underneath. However, some energy does get absorbed by the epidermis, and thus require good aftercare to make sure the epidermis can heal properly. Third, the patient should avoid strenuous exercise for a few days. Lasers close the spider veins by delivering its energy which gets absorbed by the red blood cells. This heats up the spider veins, and coagulates them, thereby sealing them shut. However, if strenuous exercise or undue pressure is applied too soon after the closure, the veins may open up again, and require repeat treatments.

Results of laser spider vein treatment

About 80% of spider veins may disappear after a single session. This is due to vessel coagulation. For some patients with underlying venous insufficiency or thicker skins, treatment results may vary, and more than one treatment may be needed. Approximately 15% of patients will benefit from two treatments, and in about 5% of patients, three sessions may be needed.

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Dr. Kim is an expert in varicose veins and spider veins treatment, laser and robotic surgery, and is certified by The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.
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